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Necklaces Freshwater

Petal Baroque Necklace


Baroque freshwater necklace measuring 18" in length. Like all Kaviar pearls, this strand is matched with the utmost attention to detail ensuring a high luster, clean complexion and excellent quality match.  Baroque pearls, of course, find beauty in variation and diversity.  When we match our freshwater baroque pearls we look for complimentary shapes and a uniform body colour as well as similar orient.  These pearls possess a very organic shape and most exceptional colour range.  Perfect if you're on the hunt for something not so ordinary.

All Kaviar strands are strung on natural silk, hand knotted and finished with a sterling silver and rhodium clasp.

These pearls are an impressive size measuring 14.0-19.0mm and are each a very unique shape! Truly, one-of-a-kind! There may be some variations from pearl to pearl, so please know that each strand varies and may have subtle differences than this exact strand shown.

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