Kaviar South Sea Pearls Inc is a specialized pearl boutique with the head office and show room located in downtown Calgary, Alberta.  Pearls are our passion, love, and life.  Kaviar is involved in every step of the way from harvesting and cultivating to hand selecting and matching our pearls, and finally stringing and setting each pearl. 

All of the warm saltwater pearls that are showcased in our online boutique as well as our show room have been hand selected at their source by company founder, Kristin Richard.  She travels the world in search of some of the rarest and most precious organic gems, South Sea and Tahitian pearls being her specialty. 

All of our South Sea and Tahitian pearls are showcased with their natural colours and not modified in any way to enhance the apparent quality.  What we love so much about this gem is the light and rainbow displays of colour, shape and the sensual form that each individual pearl takes while forming inside of the oyster.  This gem is the ultimate symbol of passion, dedication beauty and harmony.  We hope you enjoy the gallery, our pearl selection and designs as much as we enjoyed selecting, matching and creating each piece.